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Who am I? That's a good question!

  • I'm a thirty-something married guy
  • I married my high school sweetheart, and we've been together even since - you do the math
  • I have two daughters: Brianna and Miranda
  • I'm a car guy
  • I'm a geek/nerd/gadget freak

That pretty much sums me up. I spend most of my time working for Humana Military Healthcare Services, where I'm the Workforce Process Analyst (pretty cool title, huh?). I've been with Humana since 1992. I spend a lot of my time at work planning for future contracts, planning future staff needs, managing IT projects, and working with our IT and Telecommunications department.

Outside of work, I recently completed my Bachelor's degree in Information Technology at Sullivan University. When I'm not working, I spend as much time as I can with my girls. Although they don't have a ton of interest in cars right now, Bri spends a lot of time in the garage with me "helping" me tint windows.

In my limited spare time, I tint car windows (www.StebbinsTinting.com), I do some minor web design (KY F-Bodies Unlimited, D&R Hotrod Engines, The Little Loom House, Kentucky Turbo and Performance) I mod Xboxes and TiVos, I build and repair computers, and I really enjoy working on my home theater. I used to race RC cars, but after my daughter was born, I found that I couldn't squeeze in all my hobbies so I elected to stop racing.

In the past couple of years, I've become a major gadget freak. I've already owned a few smartphones/pda phones, and my most recent purchase is the Dopod C730 WM6 smartphone. This phone is fantastic and allows me to do almost everything I need to do without dragging out my laptop: email, internet access, live television, TiVo, XM radio, Sirius radio, Instant Messenger, and a bunch more stuff. I also have a Slingbox which is a device that allows me to view my television from anywhere I have an internet connection. They even have a mobile client that allows me to watch and control my TiVo right from my phone. Talk about cool!

I spend a good amount of time hanging out with my car club at www.kyfbodies.org where I am the website administrator, message board admin, and an elected member of the Board of Directors. They are a great group of guys and gals.

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