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-Fear the nostrils-
Welcome to the home page of my 1999 Firehawk #156 and my 2004 Grand Prix CompG

You'll find plenty of information about my car, myself, and my hobbies here. I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have.
I try to keep my site updated as things change. I now have a BLOG, but I'm just starting out with it and haven't made many posts. I now have a 2004 CompG as well. It was wrecked when I bought it, so be sure to check out the pictures of the repair progress. I finally received my new license plate for the CompG, and it reads URPR3Y - everyone needs to know it's me when I blow their doors off, right?

Be sure to check out my other website StebbinsTinting.com if you're in the market to get your car windows tinted.

I'm also the web designer and message board administrator for Kentucky F-Bodies Unlimited - the best car club in the country.

I got my Xbox 360 on launch day, and have been playing it as often as I can. I mainly play Halo 3. Send me a friend request on Xbox Live with my gamertag - URPREY

Cross-drilled brake rotors:

I just installed a complete set of cross-drilled brake rotors. I purchased them from a GP on LS1tech.com for a very reasonable amount. They are zinc plated, and then I painted the center of the rotors to match my calipers.

Results from last track outing


Several of us in my car club got together at Ohio Valley a couple weeks ago. I netted another new best in the 1/8th:


1.78 60' time

8.01@91 1/8 mile


I continue to be very impressed with my car, and I think my driving skills have greatly improved in recent months. I still need a small mod (LS6 intake?) to get me into the 7 second club, but I feel confident that this will happen sometime this year.

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