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From the factory, my car was rated at 327hp. It was reputed to go from 0-60 in 4.9 seconds, with a quarter mile time of 13.3@109. My first times to the track with a lid and loudmouth catback netted me a 13.45@109 with a 2.18 60' time. I'm not a big drag racer, but I do enjoy having a fast car.


UPDATE! On Friday, April 28th, 2006 I went 8.03 @ 90.23mph at Ohio Valley Raceway (1/8 mile track) with a 1.86 60ft time. Still not in the 7 second club but inching closer.

My club went for a dyno day in February 2001, and my car pulled 309rwhp, 322rwtq with those same mods. Here's a scan of the graph:

Since that time, I have added many performance mods. We went to Total Engine Airflow(TEA) in June 2003. At that time the only additional mods I had were Hooker longtube headers, gears, and a cutout. It pulled 332rwhp, and 344rwtq. That was a nice gain from the headers since my gears probably decreased the dyno reading. Unfortunately, I don't have the dyno sheet from those runs because I never received it.

I now have a ported throttle body, Lunati 224/224 112LSA .561 cam, and an ASP pulley.

My latest dyno numbers at Clemons showed 373rwhp, 368rwtq. I didn't receive the graph, so I can't post it :(

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