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Tuesday, October 18th

I started re-assembling the interior of the car, and I finished putting the rear seats in tonight. I was a little short on time tonight because I was trying to get done in time for my Tuesday night Halo 2 playing on Xbox Live :)


I removed the rear bumper cover, and I got the front Eibachs installed (in about 90 minutes), and will get the rears installed tomorrow evening. Here's the pictures:


Wednesday, October 19th

I finished installing the rear carpet/interior stuff tonight. I also finished the Eibach spring install with the two rears. They were a bit more difficult than the fronts, primarily because the top nuts are more difficult to get to, and the lower bolts aren't as accessible. My dad showed me a trick to removing the lower splined bolts. Using a large socket and a C-clamp, I placed the large socket on the side with the head of the bolt, and the C-clamp was used to press the bolt out. Pretty simple, but much easier than trying to beat it with a hammer in such a confined space.


The car now sits very nicely, and will be perfect once it's finished. It's a little hard to tell on the passenger side because I still have a temporary spare on there, but I should have new tires mounted later this week and will have 4 regular wheels/tires on it. There won't be any more progress until this weekend or later since I have other commitments the rest of the week, and I don't have the paint to begin cutting everything in yet.

Monday, October 24th

I installed my custom 4" fenderwell intake yesterday. It was fairly easy considering that the front bumper was off and made bending the fender bracket so much easier. Thanks to Brian Patterson(NICETRY) for pointing me in the right direction on picking up the 4" Fernco elbow. My friend Bobby mounted and balanced my new Kumho Solus 225/55HR17 tires today. They look like a nice all-season tire. Not much else accomplished today. Hopefully we'll begin painting all the jambs and inner structure this week. I still have the pull the rear struts off the car to cut the bump stops. I neglected to read the instructions closely and didn't cut them at all even though it specifically stated that it needed to be done.


It was raining outside all day, and since my car currently has no back window, I didn't take it outside for pictures.


When I got home this evening, my chrome lug covers I bought from eBay for $26 had arrived. They won't be going on for a while, but I was glad to get them. I also got a response on some new brake parts that will be adding a bit of bling behind the wheels. If you've seen the brakes on my Hawk, you know the look I'm going for. More on that later ; )


Wednesday, October 26th

I finally got around to installing the auto-dim mirror with compass. The install was surprisingly simple. Although I initially removed the dome light assembly to tap into the power there, I found that the reserve auxiliary power (RAP) I needed was just one pin over (pin 12) from the pin which was missing in the CompG. Once I jumped power from pin 12 to pin 13, the mirror and compass were both fully functional, including the OnStar.


I installed the chrome lug nut covers in the rear just to see what they were going to look like. I think I'll keep them : ) I also worked on trying to get the right rear tail light to fit properly. It appears to have been warped due to the accident since it's flared out at the bottom and doesn't fit the quarter panel properly. I'm going to be watching eBay for a replacement.


I also ordered the front LS1 brakes for my conversion today. Later this week I should have two sets of brake calipers (front LS1, stock rear) as well as caliper mounts. Both sets of caliper mounts will be going to the chrome shop next door for some shiny stuff. The extra rear calipers will be painted red to match the fronts. I'll be keeping the stock red powdercoated CompG calipers and painting the new ones the same color of red that's on my Firehawk. Thanks to Ed Morad from moradpartscompany.com for the great deal on the rear calipers/brackets, and Billy Graham Firebird/Camaro Salvage for the deal on the front setup.


We were able to find someone with a stud gun which will allow us to pull the small dents in the sail panel and also shrink the quarter panel where it is still slightly bulged.


I was lazy yesterday and didn't take any pictures. I'll get some next time I'm over there.

Saturday, October 29th

I worked on the LS1 brakes today. They were completely filthy when I received them, so I spent quite a bit of time cleaning them up and prepping them for paint. I also sanded the casting marks off of the face of the caliper. The brackets will be going to the chrome shop on Monday for a little bling. I got the LS1 rotors from my cousin Chris, and had all four rotors turned for a nice smooth finish.



Sunday, October 30th

I laid some clear down on the calipers today, but accidentally messed up the paint on the face of one of them with my hand : (


I'll have to sand, base, and clear that one again. I also used a nice gunmetal gray paint on the rotors to keep them from rusting. We now have a stud gun to pull the dents in the sail panel, and I purchased a right tail light, so I'll be able to get that on this week as well. The rear calipers I received from an 02 model are not at all the same, so I'm going to have to check with the chrome shop to see how long it will take to get the rear caliper brackets done. I can't really be without them for too long since we'll be moving the car into the paint booth soon.

I'm also including a couple more pictures of my custom 4" fenderwell intake as well as better pictures of how the PCM is now mounted. Using some hard foam to isolate the PCM from the body, I was able to mount the PCM firmly in the car and prevent it from moving around.

No progress until Tuesday or so since Monday is Halloween and my daughters will be out getting candy :)

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