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Paint Day One

Paint Day Two


Almost Done!


Front Spoiler Installed

Be sure to check out my mods page to see the progress being made on making the car even cooler!

Saturday, November 26th


The big day finally arrived today: PAINT!!!!!!!


We spent the majority of the day finalizing bodywork and taping up the car. We wrapped up after about 12 hours of working tonight. The paint looks great, and we'll be priming the bumpers, deck lid, spoiler, and rockers tomorrow. They will be painted on Monday night, and Tuesday will be final assembly. I hope to have the rear window installed on Tuesday sometime, and be ready to go get an alignment Wednesday night after I leave work. Anyway, on to the pictures from today:


Sunday, November 27th


We painted some more stuff today. The bumpers, rocker panels, and decklid were all painted today. I'll be able to install both bumpers, the rocker panels, and the tail lights tomorrow. We only painted the deck lid on the inside with a basecoat (like it came from the factory), so we'll be painting the outside tomorrow along with the rear spoiler and front spoiler. I have an appointment on Wednesday evening with my friend to get the car aligned, and it will be ready to go after that!


Monday, November 28th


I installed the bumpers today, and one rocker panel. The other rocker panel had a bad run in the paint and had to be resprayed. The only remaining items are to finish painting the trunk lid, the rear spoiler, and the front spoiler. They're in the paint booth right now getting cleared. I decided not to reinstall the black bumper grilles, so I need to hurry up and find some SPO grilles for it soon. Not too long now!


Tuesday, November 29th


The final touches were being put on today. I had to put the trunk lid and spoiler on as well as some other miscellaneous pieces. Going to the alignment shop tomorrow, and I'll start driving it. I decided not to put the oem grilles back in the new front bumper. I dislike them a lot, and wanted to buy some chrome SPO grilles (although I always thought silver SPO grilles would look better). Thanks to ducati650 for pointing me to the thread with the part numbers. I ordered them and the 05 CompG door badges from Greg @ Jim Pace Pontiac and should receive them sometime next week. We have just enough paint left over to paint the grilles, so we did good with our three quarts of base color.



Wednesday, November 30th


I took the car to the alignment shop today after work. A HUGE thanks to my friend Bobby Landrum for the hookup on the alignment. Although he works at a Ford dealership, he's a good guy. I forgot to take pictures of it on the alignment rack at the Ford dealership, but that would have been pretty funny. I still have a couple loose ends to finish up - I have the dreaded popping noise from the passenger side front when turning.  I need to install the SE grilles, SPO exhaust tips, and Inferno front spoiler. I also need to wet sand and buff the paint (just got a new Makita buffer for that task). As soon as I got home from the dealership last night, I tinted the windshield with 35% film. The side windows still need to be stripped and retinted, but I was too tired last night to do them. That will be this weekend's project. Anyway, here's the pictures. I snapped some today (12/1) during lunch on top of the parking garage at work. I'll have final pictures late next week once the grilles and front spoiler are on it.


A huge thanks first and foremost to my Dad -  I couldn't have done this without him!

Thanks also to my wife for putting up with me the last two months. Thanks to Al & Bud's Body Shop, Louisville Plating for the chrome caliper brackets, and Bobby Landrum for the alignment. Thanks to everyone on the forums at ClubGP.com for their advice and support. You guys rock too!

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