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LS1 Brakes finished

Quarter panel repair

Quarter panel repair (filler)

Quarter panel repair (primer)

Final Mockup

Chromed rear brackets installed

Be sure to check out my mods page to see the progress being made on making the car even cooler!

Wednesday, November 2nd

I installed the LS1 brakes tonight. I had planned to start on it last night, but when I was repairing the paint on one of the calipers, the paint crazed and I had to strip the entire thing and start over : ( I then spent the rest of the night preparing the the caliper mounts for the chrome shop.


The install was pretty straightforward, and went off without a hitch. I still need to bend the brackets for the brake line so that the lines have no tension on them. The chrome caliper mounts aren't mine since mine just went to the chrome shop yesterday. I borrowed them from a friend who hadn't yet installed them on his WS-6.


We finally got to pull the dents with the stud gun, so they just need a little work and they'll be ready to go. We're going to start the body work and cutting in this weekend. Stay tuned.


Weekend of November 5th

I spent some time working on my wife's 2000 GTP on Saturday. I was able to upgrade her brakes to the 12" rotors and brackets from my CompG. They bolted right on, and I was able to use them with her existing calipers. Her brake pads were completely worn out, and this allowed me to re-use my good parts which I had already upgraded. I have a few pictures of the conversion so email me if you're interested.


My dad worked on the quarter panel this weekend to get it all lined up and ready for final finishing. I spent a lot of my time working on sanding the body panels getting them ready to paint. I went ahead and test fit the SPO rear spoiler and the new tail light. Unfortunately, the right rear tail light didn't fit very well. We did some work to the panel and were able to get everything lined up very well. The deck lid has now been removed and will get a coat of base along with everything else. I hope we're able to lay down some base during the week one night, and then begin painting this weekend. I'm probably still about 2 weeks away from being done, but it's getting closer by the day.

Wednesday, November 9th

Not much has been happening with the car this week. My dad has been swamped with his business, so I sent the car back to the body shop to have them finish the quarter panel. Once they finish with this, there will only be a couple small spots to fix and we'll be ready to paint everything. I'm hopeful that next weekend I'll be able to finish the car and start driving it.


Not much filler was used in the panel. They did a nice job of flattening it back out after it was so bulged from the accident. It should be in primer tomorrow and ready for us to prep for paint.

Thursday, November 10th

The quarter panel is almost finished and ready for paint. The quarter and the hood got a final coat of primer tonight, and the car will be heading back up front to my dad's shop tomorrow for a few more minor repairs and paint. I can't wait to get this thing done! I'll also be checking on my brackets at the chrome shop. Hopefully they'll be ready tomorrow also. I included a couple more pics of the final bodywork prior to primer, and then after. The final picture is the front spoiler, which I've sanded and primed several times. It will be ready for paint tomorrow.


Saturday, November 12th

They finished up the quarter panel this morning, and the car is now back up front at my dad's. I decided to go ahead and test fit everything to make sure it would all line up correctly. My caliper brackets won't be ready until Monday or Tuesday. Dad has been busy with his business, so it may be next weekend before we get to prime and paint anything else. Here's a few pictures of the mockup:


Wednesday, November 16th

The chrome shop finished up the rear caliper brackets today, so I went ahead and installed them. Still waiting patiently to paint this car...


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